Describing words that start with a

Below find descriptive words that start with a. This page may interest those looking for a words adjectives and a describing words.

abandoned, abbatial, abbreviate, abbreviated, abdominal, abdominous, aberrant, abeyant, abhorrent, abiding, abietic, abiogenetic, abject, able, able-bodied, abnormal, abominable, aboral, aboriginal, abortifacient, abortive, abranchiate, abrasive, abrogate, abrupt, absent, absent-minded, absolute, absonant, absorbent, absorbing, abstemious, abstention, abstergent, abstracted, abstruse, absurd, abundant, abusive, abuzz, abysmal, abyssal,

acanthaceous, acanthopterygian, acaroid, acarpous, acatalectic, acaulescent, accelerando, accentual, accept, acceptable, acceptant, accessible, accidental, accommodate, accommodating, accomplished, accordant, accountable, accountant, accrescent, accrete, accumbent, accumulate, accurate, accusatorial, accusatory, accused, accustomed, acentric, acephalous, acerate, acerb, acerbic, acerose, acervate, acescent, achlamydeous, achromatic, achromatous, achromic, acicular, acid, acidic, acidulent, acidulous, acinaciform, aciniform, aclinic, acquaint, acquainted, acquiescent, acquisitive, acred, acrid, acrimonious, acrobatic, acrocarpous, acropetal, acrylic, actable, actinal, acting, actinic, actiniform, actinoid, actionable, active, actuate, acuate, aculeate, acuminate, acute, acyclic,

adagio, adamantine, adapt, adaptable, adaptive, additional, additive, additory, addle, adept, adequate, adherent, adhesive, adiabatic, adiaphorous, adipose, adjacent, adjectival, adjective, adjoining, adjunct, adjuvant, admirable, admissible, admissive, admonitory, adnate, adolescent, adopted, adoptive, adorable, adorn, adrenal, adroit, adscititious, adult, adulterate, adulterous, adust, advance, advanced, advantageous, adventitious, adventuresome, adventurous, adverbial, adversary, adverse, advertent, advisable, advisory,

aeneous, aeolian, aeolotropic, aeonian, aerial, aeriform, aerobic, aestival,

affable, affecting, affectional, affectionate, affective, afferent, affinal, affined, affinitive, affirmatory, afflictive, affluent, afghan, aforementioned, aforesaid, aforethought, after, aftermost, aftmost,

agamic, aged, ageless, agent, agential, agglutinate, aggregate, aggressive, agile, agitato, agnate, agnostic, ago, agog, agone, agonic, agrarian, agreeable, agrestic, aguish,

aimless, airless, airlike, airsick, airy,

akimbo, akin,

al, alar, alary, albescent, albuminoid, alcoholic, aleatory, alert, algid, algoid, alible, alien, alienable, alienate, aliform, alight, alike, alimentary, aliped, aliphatic, aliquant, aliquot, alive, alkaline, all, allegretto, allegro, alliaceous, allied, allodial, allowable, alluring, allusive, alluvial, almighty, alone, alpestrine, alpine, alt, alterable, alterant, alternant, alternate, altruistic, aluminiferous, aluminous, alveolar, alveolate, alvine,

amaranthine, amateurish, amatory, amazing, ambagious, amber, ambidexter, ambidextrous, ambient, ambiguous, ambitious, ambrosial, ambulant, ambulatory, amenable, amendatory, amiable, amicable, amiss, ammonic, amorous, amorphous, amphibious, amphibolous, amphichroic, amphiprostyle, amphoteric, ample, amplexicaul, ampliate, amuck, amused, amusing, amygdalate, amygdaline, amylaceous,


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