Describing words that start with p

Below find descriptive words that start with p. This page may interest those looking for p words adjectives and p describing words.

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pachalic, pachydermatous, pacific, paddy, pagan, pageant, paginal, painful, painless, painstaking, painted, painterly, painty, palatable, palatal, palatial, palatine, pale, palish, palladic, palliate, pallid, palmaceous, palmar, palmary, palmy, palpable, palpebrate, palpitant, paltry, paludal, paly, pancreatic, pandemic, panic, pantomime, papal, paper, papery, papilionaceous, papillary, papillose, pappose, pappy, parable, parallel, paralytic, paramagnetic, paramount, paranoiac, parcel, paregoric, parental, parhelic, parietal, paripinnate, parish, parliamentarian, parliamentary, parlous, parochial, parol, parole, paronymous, parotic, parotid, parsimonious, parted, partial, partible, participant, participate, participial, particular, particulate, parting, partisan, partite, partitive, parturient, party, paschal, passable, passant, passerine, passible, passing, passional, passionate, passionless, passive, past, pastoral, pasty, pat, patchy, pate, paternal, pathetic, pathic, pathless, pathogenic, patient, patriarchal, patrician, patriot, patron, patronizing, patronymic, patulous, paunchy, pavid, pavonine, payable,

peaceable, peaceful, peachy, peaked, pearl, pearly, peart, peasant, pebbly, peccable, peccant, pectic, pectoral, peculiar, pecuniary, pedal, pedate, peddling, pedestrian, pedicular, pediform, peerless, peevish, pelagic, pelargonic, pellucid, pelting, pelvic, penal, pendent, pending, pendulous, penetrant, penetrating, penicillate, penitent, penitential, penitentiary, penniless, penny, pensile, pensionary, pensive, pentad, pentamerous, pentameter, pentangular, pentastyle, pentatomic, pentavalent, penthouse, penultimate, penurious, peppery, peptic, perceivable, perceptible, perceptive, perchloric, percipient, percussive, peregrinate, peregrine, peremptory, perennial, perfect, perfectible, perfective, perfervid, perfidious, perfoliate, perfunctory, perigynous, perilous, periodic, periodontal, periotic, peripatetic, peripheral, peripteral, perishable, perjured, perk, perky, permanent, permanganic, permeable, permissible, permissive, pernicious, perpendicular, perpetual, perpetuate, perplex, perplexed, persevering, persistent, personable, personal, personate, perspective, perspicacious, perspicuous, perspiratory, persuasive, pert, pertinent, pervasive, perverse, pervious, pesky, pestiferous, pestilent, pestilential, pet, petaliferous, petaloid, petit, petite, petitionary, petrosal, petrous, pettifogging, pettish, petty, petulant,

phalansterian, phallic, phantasmal, pharyngeal, phenomenal, philharmonic, philoprogenitive, phlegmatic, phlogistic, phocine, phonetic, phonic, phosgene, phosphorescent, phosphoric, phosphorous, photic, photogenic, photomechanical, photothermic, phrasal, phthalic, phylloid, physical, physicochemical, physiological, physostomous, phytophagous,

piacular, piano, picaresque, piceous, picked, pickled, picric, pictorial, picturesque, piddling, piebald, piecemeal, pied, piercing, pigeon-hearted, piggish, piled, pileous, pilgrim, piliferous, piliform, pillar, pilose, pily, pimply, pinchbeck, pineal, pinguid, pink, pinkish, pinnatifid, pinnatiped, pinto, piny, pious, piping, piquant, pisciform, piscine, pitch-dark, pitchy, piteous, pithy, pitiable, pitiful, pitiless, pituitary, pivotal,

placable, placid, placoid, plagal, plagiary, plaid, plaided, plain, plain-laid, plain-spoken, plaintiff, plaintive, plane, planetary, plangent, plano-concave, plano-convex, plantar, plashy, plastic, plat, platinic, platinocyanic, platinous, platitudinous, platy, plausible, plausive, playful, pleasant, pleasing, pleasurable, plebeian, plectognath, plenary, plenipotent, plenipotentiary, plenteous, plentiful, plenty, plethoric, plexiform, pliable, pliant, pluckless, plucky, plumb, plumbic, plumbiferous, plummy, plump, plumy, pluperfect, plus, plutonic, pluvial, pluvious,

pneumogastric, pneumonic,


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