Describing words that start with j

Below find descriptive words that start with j. This page may interest those looking for j words adjectives and j describing words.

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jacquard, jagged, jaggy, japan, jaundiced, jaunty,

jealous, jejune, jellied, jemmy, jeopardous, jerky, jerry-built, jesting, jetty,

jocose, jocular, joint, jointed, jointless, jolly, jolty, journal, journalistic, jovial, joyful, joyless, joyous,

jubilant, judge-made, judicable, judicatory, judicial, judiciary, judicious, jugal, jugular, juicy, jump, jumpy, juncaceous, jungly, junior, jural, juratory, jury, jury-rigged, just, justiciable, justifiable, justificatory, juvenescent, juvenile,

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