Describing words that start with d

Below find descriptive words that start with d. This page may interest those looking for d words adjectives and d describing words.

Starting with DA: dactylic, daft, daily, dainty, damascene, damask, damnable, damnatory, damned, damning, damp, dancette, dangerous, dank, dapper, daring, dark, darkish, darksome, darling, dashing, dastard, dastardly, dateless, daughterly, dauntless,

DE: dead, deadbeat, deadly, deaf, dear, deathful, deathless, deathlike, deathly, debatable, debauched, debonair, decadent, decanal, decani, decastyle, decasyllabic, deceased, decedent, deceitful, decennial, decent, deceptive, decided, deciduous, decimal, decisive, declamatory, declaratory, declinate, declinatory, decomposed, decompound, decorous, decreasing, decrepit, decrescendo, decrescent, decretal, decretive, decretory, decumbent, decuple, decurrent, deductible, deductive, deed, deep, deep-laid, deep-sea, defamatory, defeasible, defecate, defective, defendant, defensible, defensive, deferent, deferential, defiant, deficient, definite, definitive, deflected, deflective, deflexed, deform, deformed, deft, defunct, degenerate, degraded, dehiscent, deictic, deiform, deject, dejected, delectable, delegate, deleterious, deliberate, delicate, delicious, delighted, delightful, delineate, delinquent, delirious, delitescent, deliver, deltaic, deltoid, delusive, dement, demented, democratic, demonic, demonstrable, demotic, demulcent, demure, demy, denary, dendriform, deniable, denominate, denominational, dense, dental, dentiform, dentilabial, dentilingual, dentoid, denunciatory, dependable, dependent, depilatory, deplorable, deponent, deprecatory, depreciatory, depress, depressed, depressive, depressomotor, depurate, deranged, derelict, derisive, dermal, dermatoid, dermoid, dernier, derogatory, descendant, descendent, descendible, descriptive, desert, deserving, desiccant, designate, designing, desirable, desirous, desmoid, desolate, despairing, desperate, despicable, despiteful, despondent, destitute, destructible, destructive, desultory, detached, detect, detective, detergent, determinable, determinant, determinate, determined, deterrent, detestable, detrimental, detrital, deuced, deviant, devilish, devious, devisable, devoid, devote, devoted, devotional, devout, dew, dewy, dexter, dexterous, dextral, dextrogyrate,

DI: diacaustic, diacid, diaconal, diaconate, diactinic, diagnostic, diagonal, dialectal, dialytic, diamagnetic, diametral, diamond, dianoetic, diaphanous, diary, diathermic, diatomic, diatonic, dibasic, dibranchiate, dicephalous, dichlamydeous, dichotomous, dichroic, dichromatic, dichromic, diclinous, dicrotic, dictatorial, didymous, didynamous, dietary, different, differential, difficile, difficult, diffident, diffluent, diffractive, diffuse, diffusive, digastric, digestible, digestive, digital, digitiform, digitigrade, dignified, digressive, dihedral, dilapidated, dilate, dilatory, diligent, diluent, dilute, diluvial, dim, dimerous, dimeter, dimetric, dimidiate, diminutive, dimissory, dimorphous, dingy, dink, diocesan, dioptric, dipetalous, diphyllous, diphyodont, diplex, diploblastic, diplocardiac, diplostemonous, dipteral, dipterous, dire, direct, directive, directorial, directory, direful, dirigible, dirk, dirty, disable, disadvantageous, disagreeable, disappointed, disastrous, discalced, discarnate, discernible, discerning, disciplinarian, disciplinary, discoid, discomfit, discomfortable, disconsolate, discontent, discontinuous, discordant, discovert, discreditable, discreet, discrepant, discrete, discriminate, discriminating, discriminatory, discursive, disdainful, diseased, disembodied, disepalous, disgusting, disharmonious, disheveled, dishonest, dishonorable, disingenuous, disinterested, disjoint, disjointed, disjunct, disjunctive, dislocate, disloyal, dismal, dismissive, disobedient, disordered, disorderly, disparate, dispassionate, dispensable, dispensatory, dispermous, dispersive, dispirited, displayed, disposable, disproportionate, disputable, disputant, disputatious, disquiet, disregardful, disreputable, disrespectable, disrespectful, disrupt, disruptive, dissatisfactory, dissected, dissentient, dissentious, dissident, dissimilar, dissimulate, dissipated, dissociable, dissoluble, dissolute, dissolvent, dissonant, dissuasive, distal, distant, distasteful, distinct, distinctive, distinguished, distinguishing, distort, distract, distracted, distrait, distressful, distributary, distributive, district, distrustful, dithyrambic, diuretic, diurnal, divalent, divaricate, divergent, divers, diverse, diversified, diversiform, diverting, divided, divine, diving, divining, divisible, divisive, divulgate, dizzy,

DO: do-nothing, doable, docent, docile, doctrinal, documentary, doddered, dog-eared, dogged, doggerel, doggish, dolabriform, doleful, doloroso, dolorous, domestic, domiciliary, dominant, domineering, dominical, done, dopey, dormant, dorsal, dorsiventral, dorsoventral, doting, dotted, dotterel, dotty, double, double-acting, double-breasted, double-faced, double-hung, double-quick, double-tongued, doubtful, doubting, doubtless, douce, doughty, doughy, dour, dovelike, dowable, dowdy, down, downcast, downhearted, downhill, downright, downward, downy, dozy,

DR: drab, draconic, draft, drastic, draught, draughty, dread, dreadful, dreamy, drear, dreary, dree, dressy, drift, drinkable, driving, droll, dropsical, droughty, drowsy, drunk, drunken, dry, drying,

DU: dual, dualistic, dubious, dubitable, ducal, ductile, ductless, dudgeon, due, dulcet, dull, dullish, dumb, dummy, dumpish, dumpy, dun, duodecimal, duodecimo, duodenal, duodenary, duple, duplex, duplicate, durable, dusk, dusky, dusty, duteous, dutiable, dutiful,

DW: dwarfish,

DY: dyad, dyadic, dying, dyslogistic.

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