Describing words that start with v

Below find descriptive words that start with v. This page may interest those looking for v words adjectives and v describing words.

vacant, vaccine, vacillating, vacillatory, vacuous, vagabond, vagal, vagarious, vaginal, vagrant, vague, vagus, vain, vainglorious, valedictory, valerianaceous, valeric, valetudinarian, valetudinary, valiant, valid, valorous, valuable, valued, valueless, valvate, valvular, vanadic, vanadous, vanillic, vanward, vapid, vaporific, vaporing, vaporish, vaporous, vapory, variable, variant, varicose, varied, variegated, varietal, variform, varioloid, variolous, variorum, various, vascular, vasoconstrictor, vasomotor, vassal, vast, vasty, vaticinal, vaulted,

vegetable, vegetarian, vehement, vehicular, veiled, velar, velate, velutinous, velvet, velvety, venal, vendible, venenose, venerable, venereal, venetian, vengeful, venial, venomous, venose, venous, ventose, ventral, ventricular, venturesome, venturous, veracious, verbal, verbenaceous, verbose, verdant, verecund, veridical, verisimilar, veritable, vermicular, vermiculate, vermiform, verminous, vernacular, vernal, verrucose, versatile, versed, versicular, vertebral, vertical, verticillaster, vertiginous, very, vesical, vesicatory, vesiculate, vesper, vesperal, vespertilionine, vespertine, vestal, vested, vestiary, vestigial, vesuvian, veteran, veterinary, vexatious, vexed,

viable, vibrant, vibratile, vibratory, vicarial, vicariate, vicarious, vice, vicegerent, vicenary, vicennial, vicinal, vicious, victor, victorious, viewless, viewy, vigesimal, vigilant, vigorous, vile, villain, villainous, villiform, villose, villous, vimineous, vinaceous, vincible, vindicable, vindictive, vinegary, vinic, vinous, violable, violaceous, violent, violet, viperine, viperish, viperous, virescent, virgate, virgin, virginal, virgulate, viridescent, virile, virtual, virtuous, virulent, visceral, viscid, viscous, visible, visional, visionary, visitant, visual, vital, vitelline, vitreous, vitrescent, vitric, vitriform, vitriolic, vituline, vivace, vivacious, vivid, viviparous,

vocal, vocalic, vociferant, vociferous, voiced, voiceful, voiceless, void, voidable, volant, volar, volatile, volcanic, volitive, voltaic, voluble, volumed, volumetric, voluminous, voluntary, volunteer, voluptuary, voluptuous, vomitory, voodoo, voracious, vortical, votary, votive, vowel,

vulgar, vulgate, vulnerable, vulnerary, vulpine, vulturine,


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