Describing words that start with e

Below find descriptive words that start with e. This page may interest those looking for e words adjectives and e describing words.

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Starting with EA: each, eager, eagle-eyed, ear-splitting, eared, early, earnest, earthborn, earthen, earthly, earthquake, earthy, easeful, east, easterly, eastern, easternmost, easy, eatable,

EB: ebb, ebon, ebony, ebracteate, ebullient,

EC: eccentric, ecclesiastic, ecclesiastical, echinoid, eclectic, ecliptic, ecru, ecstatic, ectopic,

ED: edacious, edentate, edgy, edible, editorial, educable, educated, educational, eductive,

EF: effable, effective, effectual, effeminate, efferent, effervescent, effete, efficacious, efficient, efflorescent, effluent, effortless, effulgent, effuse, effusive,

EG: egg-shaped, egregious,

EI: eight, eighteen, eighteenmo, eighteenth, eightfold, eighth, eightieth, eighty, either,

EJ: ejaculatory,

EL: elaborate, elasmobranch, elastic, elate, eld, elder, elderly, eldest, eldritch, elect, elective, elector, electronic, electrostatic, eleemosynary, elegant, elegiac, elemental, elementary, elephantine, elevate, elevated, eleven, eleventh, elfin, elfish, elicit, eligible, elongate, eloquent, else, elusive, elvish,

EM: emaciate, emanate, emancipate, emasculate, embattled, ember, embolic, embryo, embryonic, emerald, emergent, emeritus, emersed, emetic, emigrant, emigrate, eminent, emissary, emissive, emollient, emotional, emotive, empty, empyreal, empyrean, emulate, emulous,

EN: enamel, enate, encaustic, enceinte, encephalic, enchanting, endermic, endless, endmost, endogenous, endothermic, endurable, endurant, enduring, enemy, enervate, engaged, engaging, enjoyable, enormous, enough, ensiform, enteric, enterprising, entertaining, enthetic, entire, entomophagous, entomophilous, entomostracan, enviable, envious,

EP: ephemeral, epic, epicene, epicurean, epicyclic, epideictic, epigeal, epigene, epigeous, epigynous, epileptic, epileptoid, episcopal, episcopalian, epispastic, epistolary, epizoic, epochal, eponymous,

EQ: equable, equal, equanimous, equatorial, equestrian, equiangular, equidistant, equilateral, equine, equinoctial, equipollent, equipotential, equitable, equitant, equivalent, equivocal,

ER: erect, erectile, erective, ericaceous, erinaceous, erose, erosive, errant, erratic, erroneous, erubescent, erudite, erumpent, eruptive,

ES: escharotic, esculent, esemplastic, esoteric, especial, essential, estimable, estuarine, estuary, esurient,

ET: eternal, eterne, etesian, ethereal,

EU: euphonious, euplastic, eutectic,

EV: evacuant, evaginate, evanescent, evangelical, evangelistic, evaporate, evasive, even, evenhanded, eventful, eventual, evergreen, everlasting, every, everyday, evident, evidential, evidentiary, evil, evil-minded, evincive, evitable, evolutionary,

EX: exact, exacting, exaggerated, exalted, exanimate, exasperate, exceeding, excellent, excelsior, exceptionable, exceptional, exceptive, excessive, exchangeable, excipient, excisable, excitable, excitant, exciting, exclamatory, exclusive, excommunicate, excrescent, excretory, excruciate, excurrent, excursive, excusatory, execrable, execratory, executive, executory, exemplar, exemplary, exempt, exhalant, exhaust, exhaustive, exhaustless, exhibitive, exhilarant, exigent, exigible, exiguous, exile, eximious, existent, existential, exogenous, exorable, exorbitant, exothermic, exotic, expanding, expansible, expansile, expansive, expectant, expectorant, expedient, expedite, expeditionary, expeditious, expensive, experiential, experimental, expert, expiable, expiate, expiatory, expiratory, explanatory, expletive, explicable, explicate, explicit, exploratory, explosive, exponential, expository, expostulatory, express, expressive, expugnable, expulsive, expurgatory, exquisite, exsanguine, exstipulate, extant, extemporaneous, extemporary, extensible, extensile, extensive, extent, extenuate, extenuatory, exterior, exterminatory, extern, external, exterritorial, extinct, extortionary, extortionate, extra, extractive, extraditable, extrajudicial, extramundane, extramural, extraneous, extraordinary, extraterritorial, extravagant, extravascular, extreme, extrinsic, extrorse, extrusive, exuberant, exultant,

EY: eyas, eyed, eyeful, eyeless.


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