Describing words that start with h

Below find descriptive words that start with h. This page may interest those looking for h words adjectives and h describing words.

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Starting with HA: habile, habilitate, habitable, habitual, habituate, hack, hackney, haemal, haematic, haematocryal, haematogenous, haematoid, haematothermal, haemostatic, hag-ridden, haggard, hail, hairbreadth, hairless, hairsplitting, hairy, halcyon, hale, half, half-blooded, half-breed, half-length, half-timbered, half-witted, halfway, hallucinatory, halt, hamate, handed, handfast, handmade, handsome, handy, hanging, hapless, happy, hard, hard-favored, hard-shell, hardened, hardy, harlot, harmful, harmless, harmonious, harping, harsh, harum-scarum, hasty, hat, hateful, haughty, haunted, haut, hawk-eyed, hawser-laid, hazardous, hazel, hazy,

HE: head, headachy, headed, headless, headlong, headmost, headstrong, heady, healing, healthful, healthy, heart-whole, heartbreaking, heartbroken, heartburning, heartfelt, heartless, heartrending, heartsick, heartsome, hearty, heathen, heathenish, heating, heavenly, heavy, heavy-armed, hebetate, hectic, hedonic, heedful, heedless, hefty, heinous, heliacal, helical, helicoid, hellish, helminthic, helpful, helpless, hemihedral, hemimorphic, hemitrope, hepatic, heptagonal, heptamerous, heptangular, heptavalent, heraldic, herbaceous, herbal, herbivorous, herby, herculean, herd, hereditable, hereditary, heretical, heritable, heritage, hermaphrodite, heroic, herringbone, hesitant, hessian, heterocercal, heterochromous, heteroclite, heterodox, heteroecious, heterogeneous, heterogenetic, heterogenous, heterogynous, heterologous, heteromerous, heteromorphic, heteronomous, heterophyllous, heuristic, hexagonal, hexamerous, hexameter, hexangular, hexapod, hexastyle, hexavalent, hey,

HI: hibernal, hidebound, hideous, hieratic, high, high-colored, high-flown, high-handed, high-minded, high-pressure, high-sounding, high-spirited, high-strung, high-toned, high-wrought, highborn, hilarious, hilly, hind, hinder, hireling, hirsute, hirundine, hispid, hispidulous, histoid, historied, hither, hithermost,

HO: hoar, hoarse, hoary, hobnailed, hoggish, hoiden, hoity-toity, hole, holiday, hollow, holoblastic, holohedral, holophrastic, holophytic, holothurian, holy, home, homeless, homelike, homely, homemade, homeopathic, homesick, homespun, homeward, homicidal, homing, homocentric, homocercal, homochromous, homogeneous, homogenetic, homogenous, homologous, homolographic, homopterous, honest, honey-sweet, honeyed, honied, honorable, honorary, honorific, hooded, hoofbound, hoofed, hook-nosed, hooked, hooky, hopeful, hopeless, horal, horary, horizontal, horn-mad, horned, horny, horrendous, horrible, horrid, horrific, horror-struck, horsy, hortatory, hospitable, hospital, hostile, hot, hot-blooded, hourly, household, housekeeping, houseless, housewifely,

HU: hubby, hued, huffish, huffy, huge, hugger-mugger, human, humane, humanitarian, humble, humdrum, humectant, humeral, humic, humid, humming, hummocky, humoral, humorous, humpbacked, humpy, hunchbacked, hundred, hundredth, hungry, hurried, hurtful, hurtless, hush, husky,

HY: hyaline, hyaloid, hybrid, hydrated, hydraulic, hydric, hydriodic, hydrobromic, hydrochloric, hydrocyanic, hydrofluoric, hydrogenous, hydroid, hydrokinetic, hydrolytic, hydrophobic, hydrothermal, hydrous, hyetal, hygienic, hygroscopic, hylophagous, hyoid, hyperboloid, hyperborean, hypercatalectic, hypercritical, hyperphysical, hyphenated, hypnotic, hypochlorous, hypochondriac, hypocoristic, hypodermic, hypogene, hypogeous, hypoglossal, hypogynous, hyponitrous, hypophosphoric, hypophosphorous, hypostyle, hyracoid, hysterogenic.


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