Describing words that start with b

Below please find an extensive list of descriptive words that start with the letter B. While all the describing words on this page begin with b, they are arranged into paragraphs depending on the first two letters, in alphabetic order, e.g. BA, BE, BO, etc… Further down the post are additional lists of b adjectives, e.g. for describing people.

Before we get to the more complete list of B adjectives, let’s first list some of the more commonly used B words used for describing. Our top 20 list of the most frequently used B describing words is listed here.

Top 20: bad, big, beautiful, blue, basic, broad, bright, brief, brown, back, busy, blind, brilliant, bare, bitter, brave, bold, bottom, blank, beneficial.

And now the more complete longer list. B words like these might describe something or someone. Some are positive, good, and nice, which others might describe someone who may be considered bad.

Starting with BA: baccalaureate, baccate, bacchanal, bacchant, bacciferous, bacciform, baccivorous, bacillary, back, backed, backhand, backhanded, backward, bad, baggy, bailable, bald, baldheaded, baleful, balky, ballistic, balmy, balneal, balsamiferous, banal, bandy, bandy-legged, baneful, bankable, bankrupt, baptismal, barbarian, barbaric, barbarous, barbate, barbed, barbellate, bare, barefaced, barefoot, baric, baritone, barmy, baronial, baroque, barren, basal, base, baseborn, baseless, bashful, basic, bass, basset, bastard, bathetic, batrachian, battle, batty, bawdy, bay,

BE: beady, beaming, beamy, bearable, bearded, beardless, bearish, beat, beaten, beauteous, beautiful, becoming, bedlam, beefy, beery, beetle-browed, befitting, beforehand, beggarly, beggary, belated, bellicose, belligerent, belted, bendy, benedict, benefic, beneficial, beneficiary, benevolent, benign, benignant, bent, benzoic, besetting, besotted, bestial, bet, bevel,

BI: biannual, bias, biauriculate, bibulous, bicameral, bicapsular, bicentenary, bicentennial, bicephalous, bicipital, biconcave, biconvex, bicyclic, biddable, bidentate, biennial, bifacial, bifarious, bifid, bifilar, biflagellate, bifocal, bifoliate, bifoliolate, biforate, biforked, biform, big, bigamous, bignoniaceous, bigot, bigoted, bijugate, bilabiate, bilateral, biliary, bilinear, bilingual, bilious, billiard, billing, billowy, bilobate, bilocular, bimanous, bimestrial, bimetallic, bimolecular, bimonthly, binal, binary, binate, binaural, binding, binocular, binomial, binominal, biocellate, biotic, biparietal, biparous, bipartite, biped, bipetalous, biplane, bipolar, biquadratic, biramous, birch, bird’s-eye, birdlike, birthday, biserrate, bismuthic, bismuthous, bisulcate, biting, bitten, bitter, bittersweet, bituminous, bivalent, bivalve, biweekly, bizarre,

BL: blamable, blameful, blameless, blameworthy, bland, blank, blasphemous, blasted, blatant, blazing, bleak, blear, blear-eyed, bleary, bleeding, blessed, blest, blind, blindfold, blinding, blissful, blistery, blithe, blithesome, bloat, blockish, blooded, bloodless, bloodthirsty, bloody, bloody-minded, blooming, bloomy, blotchy, blowy, blowzed, blowzy, blubbery, blue, blue-eyed, bluff, bluish, blunt,

BO: boarish, boastful, bodiless, bodily, boding, bogus, boiled, boiling, boisterous, bold, bombast, bombproof, bombycid, bon, bond, bonded, bonny, bony, booby, bookish, boon, boorish, booted, bootless, boozy, boracic, boraginaceous, boreal, boric, bosky, bosom, bosomed, bosomy, bossy, botchy, both, bothersome, bottom, bottomless, boughten, bouncing, bound, boundless, bounteous, bountiful, bovid, bovine, bowery,

BR: brachiate, brachypterous, bracing, brackish, bracteate, brag, braggart, braid, brainless, brainsick, brainy, brambly, branch, branching, brand-new, branny, brant, brash, brashy, brassy, brave, braw, brawny, breakable, breakneck, breathless, breezy, brevet, brickle, bricky, bridal, brief, briefless, bright, brilliant, brim, brimful, brimstone, brindle, brindled, briny, brisk, brittle, broad, broadcast, bromic, bronchial, brood, broody, brotherly, brown, brumal, brusque, brutal, brute, brutish, bryozoan,

BU: bubaline, bubbly, bubonic, buccal, buckish, buckling, buckra, buckram, bucolic, budge, buff, buffoon, buggy, bugle, built, bulbar, bulbiferous, bulbous, bulky, bull, bull-necked, bullate, bulldog, bullheaded, bullish, bully, bumptious, bunchy, buoyant, burdensome, burglarious, burlesque, burly, burning, burry, bursiform, bushy, businesslike, buskined, busy, buttery, butyric, buxom, buzzard,

BY: by, bygone.

Positive B words for describing people / a person / someone: beautiful, becoming, bold, brave, bright.

Negative B words for describing people / a person / someone: bad, barbaric, bitter, blunt, boorish, brainless.

Words that start with B to describe food: bitter, bittersweet, bland, boiled, briny, buttery.

Shortest B describing words: bad, big, bald, bent.

Longest B describing words: brachypterous, boraginaceous, bignoniaceous.

Usage of popular B describing words: Here we provide additional information about the commonly used B words that describe, including example sentences.

bad – The bad squirrel insisted on eating the bird seed.
big – A big balloon can be lots of fun to play with.
beautiful – The beautiful hummingbird visited my garden often.
blue – A blue sticky note reminded me of the day’s chores.
basic – Basic understanding is better than no understanding.
broad – The broad avenue was lined with expensive shops.
bright – Bright sunlight shone in through the upstairs window.
brief – After a brief break, the speaker continued with his slide deck, much to the chagrin of those in the audience.
brown – A brown bookcase holds many of my most prized possesions.
back – The back wall was unadorned.
busy – A busy beaver keeps working on his dam.
blind – A blind salamander lived in the cave.
brilliant – The brilliant student struggled to realize his potential.
bare – Many bare walls made for an unexciting dwelling.
bitter – Bitter feelings are perhaps best forgotten.
brave – The brave man rescued the cat from the water.
bold – A bold sheepdog was adept at its role.
bottom – The bottom step on a ladder tends to be the widest.
blank – The waiter received a blank stare from his customer.
beneficial – The two businessmen were happy to agree upon what was clearly a mutually beneficial contract.

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