Describing words that start with w

Below find descriptive words that start with w. This page may interest those looking for w words adjectives and w describing words.

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Starting with WA: waggish, wailful, wakeful, wanting, wanton, war, ware, warlike, warlock, warm, warm-blooded, warm-hearted, warning, warrantable, warty, wary, wash, washable, washed, washy, waspish, wassail, waste, wasting, watchful, waterish, waterless, waterproof, watery, wavy, waxen, waxy, wayfaring, wayless, wayside, wayward, wayworn,

WE: weak, weak-kneed, weak-minded, weakling, weakly, wealthy, weanling, weaponless, wearable, weariful, weariless, wearing, wearisome, weary, weather, weather-beaten, weather-bound, weathered, weatherly, weatherproof, weatherworn, web-footed, webbed, webby, wedded, wee, weedy, weekly, weeping, weevily, weightless, weighty, weird, welch, welcome, well, well-bred, well-favored, well-informed, well-intentioned, well-known, well-mannered, well-meaning, well-read, well-spoken, welsh, welter, west, westering, westerly, western, westernmost, westward, wet,

WH: whacking, whaling, wheaten, wheeled, wheezy, whimsical, whinny, whist, white, white-hot, white-livered, whitish, whole, wholesale, wholesome, whorish, whorled,

WI: wicked, wicker, wide, wide-angle, wide-awake, widespread, widow, wieldy, wifeless, wifely, wight, wild, wilding, willful, willing, willowy, wily, wimble, wind-broken, windbound, winding, windtight, windward, windy, wing-footed, winged, wingless, winning, winsome, wintery, wintry, winy, wireless, wiry, wise, wishful, wishy-washy, wistful, witching, withy, witless, witted, witty, wizard, wizardly, wizen, wizened,

WO: woaded, woe, wolfish, womanish, womanlike, womanly, wonder, wonderful, wondrous, wont, wonted, wood, wooded, wooden, woodland, woodsy, woody, woolgathering, woolly, wordless, wordy, workable, workmanlike, worldly, worm-eaten, wormy, worn-out, worrisome, worser, worshipful, worth, worthless, worthy,

WR: wrath, wrathful, wreckful, wretched, wriggle, wrinkly, writhen, wrong, wrongful, wrongheaded, wroth, wrought, wry.


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