Describing words that start with s

Below find descriptive words that start with s. This page may interest those looking for s words adjectives and s describing words.

Starting with SA: sable, sabulous, saccharic, sacchariferous, saccular, sacerdotal, sacral, sacramental, sacred, sacrificial, sacrilegious, sacrosanct, sad, saddle-backed, saddleback, safe, saffron, sagacious, sage, sagittal, sagittate, said, sainted, saintly, salable, salaried, salary, salicaceous, salient, saliferous, salivary, sallow, salmon, salmonoid, salt, saltant, saltatorial, saltatory, saltigrade, saltish, salty, salubrious, salutary, salutatory, salvage, samarskite, same, samite, sanatory, sanctified, sanctimonious, sanctitude, sand-blind, sandy, sane, sanguinary, sanguine, sanguineous, sanguinolent, sanious, sanitarian, sanitary, santalaceous, sapid, sapient, sapiential, sapindaceous, sapless, saponaceous, saporific, saporous, sapotaceous, sapphire, sappy, saprophagous, sarcoid, sarcous, sardonic, sartorial, satellite, satiate, satiny, satisfactory, saturable, saturant, saturated, saturnine, saucy, saurian, saving, savory, saw-toothed,

SC: scabby, scabious, scabrous, scalable, scalariform, scald, scalene, scaly, scandent, scandic, scansorial, scant, scantling, scanty, scaphoid, scapular, scarce, scarlet, scary, scattering, schematic, scheming, scholastic, schooling, sciatic, sciential, scientific, scincoid, scintillant, scirrhous, scissile, sciurine, sciuroid, sclerosed, sclerotic, sclerous, scornful, scorpaenoid, scotch, scoundrel, scraggy, scrannel, scrappy, scratch, scratchy, scrawny, scrimp, scriptural, scrofulous, scrophulariaceous, scrub, scrubby, scrumptious, scrupulous, scrutable, sculpturesque, scummy, scurrile, scurrilous, scurvy, scutate, scutiform,

SE: sea-island, seaboard, seafaring, seagirt, seagoing, seamanlike, seamy, searching, seasick, seasonable, seasonal, seaward, seaworthy, sebaceous, sebacic, sebiferous, secant, secco, seclusive, second, second-class, second-rate, secondary, secondhand, secret, secretarial, secretive, secretory, sectional, sectorial, secular, secund, secure, sedate, sedentary, sedimentary, seductive, sedulous, seedy, seek, seeming, seemly, seen, seer, seesaw, segmental, segregate, seldom, select, selective, selenious, self, self-acting, self-assured, self-conscious, self-consistent, self-contained, self-educated, self-evident, self-existent, self-important, self-indulgent, self-made, self-moving, self-possessed, self-regulated, self-reliant, self-righteous, self-satisfied, self-seeking, self-sufficient, self-taught, selfish, selfless, selfsame, sematic, semblable, semiannual, semicentennial, semicircular, semiconscious, semidiurnal, semifluid, semiliquid, semilunar, semimonthly, seminal, seminary, semiotic, semivitreous, semiweekly, sempiternal, senary, senatorial, senescent, senile, senior, sensational, senseless, sensible, sensitive, sensor, sensory, sensual, sensuous, sentential, sentient, sentimental, sepaloid, separable, sepia, septal, septate, septempartite, septenary, septennial, septic, septicidal, septilateral, septuple, sepulchral, sequacious, sequent, sequential, sequestered, sere, serene, serial, seriate, sericeous, serious, serous, serpentiform, serpentine, serried, serviceable, servient, servile, sessile, set, setaceous, setiform, seven, sevenfold, seventeen, seventeenth, seventh, seventieth, seventy, severable, several, severe,

SF: sfumato,

SG: sgraffito,

SH: shabby, shadowy, shady, shag, shaggy, shaky, shallow, sham, shamefaced, shameful, shameless, shanty, shapeless, shapely, sharp, sharp-set, sharp-sighted, sharp-witted, sheen, sheeny, sheepish, sheer, shelled, shellproof, shelving, shiftless, shifty, shine, shingly, shiny, ship-rigged, shipping, shipshape, shivery, shoal, shock, shocking, shoddy, shooting, shopworn, shoreless, short, short-lived, short-winded, shorthorn, shortsighted, shot, showery, shrapnel, shrew, shrewd, shrewish, shrieval, shrill, shroud-laid, shrubby, shut, shy,

SI: sib, sibilant, sic, sick, sickening, sickly, side, sideling, sidelong, sidereal, sight-seeing, sighted, sightless, sightly, signal, signatory, significant, silent, siliceous, silicic, silicious, siliculose, silk-stocking, silken, silky, silly, silvan, silver, silvern, silvery, simian, similar, simon-pure, simple, simple-hearted, simple-minded, simplistic, simulate, simultaneous, sincere, sinewy, sinful, singing, single, single-breasted, single-handed, single-hearted, single-minded, singsong, singular, sinister, sinistral, sinistrorse, sinistrous, sinless, sinuate, sinuous, sinusoidal, siren, sisterly, sitting, six, sixfold, sixpenny, sixteen, sixteenth, sixth, sixtieth, sixty, sixty-fourth, sizable, sized,

SK: skeleton, sketchy, skew, skewbald, skilful, skill-less, skilled, skillful, skim, skimp, skin-deep, skinny, skittish, skittle, skyward,

SL: slab, slack, slangy, slant, slattern, slatternly, slaty, slavish, sleazy, sleek, sleeping, sleepless, sleepy, sleety, sleigh, slender, slick, slider, sliding, slight, slighting, slim, slimsy, slimy, slink, slinky, slipper, slippery, slippy, slipshod, slobbery, slope, sloppy, slothful, slough, slovenly, slow, slow-witted, sluggard, sluggish, slumberous, slushy, sly,

SM: smacking, small, smallish, smaragdine, smart, smirk, smock, smokeless, smoking, smoky, smooth, smooth-spoken, smooth-tongued, smoothbore, smoothing, smug, smutty,

SN: snaggy, snail-paced, snaky, snappish, snappy, sneaking, snide, snobbish, snotty, snow-blind, snow-white, snowy, snub-nosed, snuffy, snug,

SO: so-called, so-so, soapy, soar, soaring, soave, sober, sober-minded, social, sodden, soft, soft-finned, soft-spoken, soggy, soi-disant, sola, solanaceous, solar, soldering, soldierly, sole, solemn, solid, solidary, solifidian, solitary, soluble, solute, solvable, solvent, somatic, sombrous, some, sometime, sometimes, somniferous, somnolent, sonant, songful, soniferous, sonorous, soon, soothfast, sooty, soporific, soppy, sordid, sore, soricine, sorrel, sorry, sostenuto, sot, sottish, soul, soulless, sound, sounding, soundless, soupy, sour, south, southerly, southern, southernly, southernmost, southpaw, southward, southwest, southwesterly, sovran,

SP: spaceless, spacial, spacious, spadiceous, span-new, spaniel, spanking, spare, sparing, sparkling, sparoid, sparry, sparse, spasmodic, spastic, spathic, spathose, spatial, spavined, speaking, special, specific, specious, speckled, spectacled, spectacular, spectral, specular, speechless, speedy, spellbound, spelling, spendthrift, spent, spermatic, spermic, sphenoid, spheroidal, sphery, sphincter, sphygmic, spiccato, spiculate, spicy, spiky, spinal, spindling, spineless, spiniferous, spinning, spinous, spiny, spiral, spirited, spiritless, spiritoso, spiritual, spiritualist, spirituous, spiry, spiteful, splanchnic, splashy, splay, spleenful, spleeny, splendent, splendid, splendiferous, splenetic, splenic, split, spoken, spongy, spontaneous, spoony, sporadic, sporting, sportive, spotless, spotted, spotty, spousal, sprag, spread-eagle, sprightly, springy, spruce, sprung, spry, spumescent, spunky, spurious,

SQ: squab, squalid, squally, squamosal, squamulose, square, squashy, squat, squeamish, squiffy, squint, squint-eyed,

ST: stable, staccato, stack, stage-struck, stagnant, stagnate, stagy, staid, stainless, stale, stalky, stammel, stamping, stanch, standard, standing, stank, stannary, stannic, staple, star-crossed, star-spangled, starboard, starch, starchy, stark, starlight, starlike, starred, starry, starting, starveling, statant, state, stated, stateless, stately, stationary, stationery, statued, statuesque, statutable, statutory, steadfast, steady, stealthy, steamy, stearic, steep, steering, stelliform, stellular, stenophyllous, stentorian, step-up, sterculiaceous, stereotyped, sterile, sterling, stern, sternmost, sternutatory, stertorous, sthenic, sticky, stiff, stiff-necked, still, stillborn, stilliform, stilly, stilted, stimulant, stinging, stingy, stinking, stipendiary, stipitate, stipulate, stirring, stochastic, stock, stock-still, stockish, stocky, stodgy, stogy, stolid, stomatic, stone-blind, stone-dead, stone-deaf, stony, stopped, store, storied, stormy, stound, stour, stout, straight, straight-out, straightforward, strained, strait, strait-laced, strange, strangulate, strapping, straticulate, stratiform, stray, streaky, streaming, streamline, streamy, strenuous, stressful, strict, strident, stridulous, strigose, striking, stringed, stringendo, stringent, stringy, striped, strobilaceous, strong, strong-minded, strophic, structural, strumpet, strut, struthious, strutting, strychnic, stubbed, stubborn, stubby, stuck-up, studied, studious, stuffy, stumpy, stunning, stupefacient, stupendous, stupid, sturdy, styliform, stylish, stylistic, stylographic, styptic,

SU: suable, suave, subacid, subacute, subalpine, subaltern, subalternate, subarctic, subastral, subaxillary, subcartilaginous, subcelestial, subclavian, subconscious, subcutaneous, subdiaconate, subdued, suberic, subglacial, subjacent, subject, subjective, subjunctive, sublimate, sublime, subliminal, sublingual, sublittoral, submarine, submaxillary, submerse, submersed, submiss, submissive, submultiple, subordinate, subscript, subsequent, subservient, subsidiary, subsistent, substantial, substantive, substitutive, substrate, subtile, subtle, subtonic, subtorrid, subtractive, subtropical, suburban, subversive, successful, successive, succinct, succinic, succulent, succursal, such, sucking, suctorial, sudatory, sudden, sudoriferous, sudorific, sufferable, suffering, sufficient, suffocate, suffragan, suffruticose, sugared, sugary, suggestive, suicidal, suitable, sulky, sullen, sulphurate, sulphuric, sulphurous, sultry, summary, sumpter, sumptuary, sumptuous, sun-dried, sundry, sunken, sunless, sunlit, sunny, sunproof, sunshine, superable, superabundant, superb, supercilious, supereminent, supererogatory, superficial, superfine, superfluous, superfuse, superhuman, superincumbent, superintendent, superior, superjacent, supermundane, supernal, supernatant, supernatural, supernumerary, superphysical, supersensible, supersensitive, supersensual, superstitious, supervisory, supine, supple, suppliant, supplicant, supplicatory, supply, supportable, supposititious, suppositive, suppressive, supralapsarian, suprarenal, supreme, sural, surbased, surculose, surd, sure, sure-footed, surgical, surgy, surly, surpassing, surplus, surprising, surreptitious, surrounding, susceptible, susceptive, suspect, suspense, suspensive, suspensory, suspicious, sustentacular, susurrant, susurrous,

SW: swaddling, swallow-tailed, swampy, swart, swarth, swarthy, swash, sweaty, sweeping, sweet, sweet-scented, swell, swift, swimming, swingeing, swinish, swollen,

SY: sylvan, symmetrical, sympathetic, sympetalous, symphonic, symphonious, symposiac, syncarpous, synchronous, synclastic, synergetic, synergistic, synonymous, synsepalous, syntonic, systaltic, systemic.

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