Describing words that start with m

Below find descriptive words that start with m. This page may interest those looking for m words adjectives and m describing words.

Starting with MA: macrobiotic, macropterous, maculate, mad, madcap, madding, made, maestoso, maggoty, magisterial, magistral, magnetomotive, magnificent, magniloquent, magnoliaceous, maiden, maidenly, maigre, mailable, mailed, main, majestic, make-believe, maladroit, malapert, malapropos, malar, malcontent, malic, malicious, malign, malignant, malleable, malodorous, malonic, malpighiaceous, malt, malvaceous, mammalian, mammary, mammiferous, mammillary, mammoth, manageable, managerial, mandatory, mandibular, manful, manganous, maniac, maniacal, manic, manifest, manifold, manilla, manipular, mankind, manlike, manly, mannered, mannerly, mannish, mantic, manual, manufactory, manuscript, many, many-sided, marble, marcescent, marching, margaric, marginal, marginate, marine, marish, marital, maritime, marked, marketable, maroon, marriageable, married, marshy, marsupial, martial, marvelous, masculine, masked, masonic, massive, massy, masterful, masterly, masticatory, mastoid, mat, matchless, mate, material, maternal, mathematical, matin, matriculate, matrimonial, matronly, matted, matter-of-fact, mature, matutinal, maudlin, mawkish, maximum, maybe, mazy,

ME: meadow, mealy, mean, measly, measurable, measured, measureless, measuring, meaty, mechanic, mechanical, meddlesome, mediaeval, medial, median, mediate, mediatorial, mediatory, medic, medicable, medical, medicinal, mediocre, medium, medley, medullary, medullated, meek, meet, melancholic, melancholy, melanic, melliferous, mellifluent, mellifluous, mellow, melodic, melodious, melodramatic, melting, membranous, memorable, memorial, mendacious, mendicant, menial, menispermaceous, mensal, menstrual, menstruate, mensurable, mensural, mental, mercantile, mercenary, merchant, merchantable, merciful, merciless, mercurial, mercuric, mercurous, mere, meretricious, meridian, meridional, merino, meritorious, meroblastic, merry, merrymaking, mesial, mesne, mesognathous, metabolic, metacarpal, metagnathous, metallic, metalliferous, metalline, metalloid, metameric, metamorphic, metaphysic, metaphysical, metatarsal, meteoric, methylated, meticulous, metopic, metric, metrical, metronymic, metropolitan, mettlesome, mezzo, mezzo-soprano,

MI: microcrystalline, microdont, mid, midday, middle, middle-aged, middlemost, middling, midland, midmost, midnight, midship, midway, mighty, mignon, migrant, migratory, milch, mild, miliary, militant, military, milk-livered, milky, milled, millenarian, millenary, millennial, millesimal, milliary, minacious, minatory, mincing, minded, mindful, mindless, mineral, miniature, minim, minimal, mining, minion, ministerial, ministrant, minor, minus, minute, minutely, miraculous, mirk, mirthful, mirthless, miry, miscellaneous, miscellany, mischievous, miscible, miscreant, miscreated, miserable, miserly, misleading, missal, misshapen, missile, missing, missionary, missive, mistakable, mistrustful, misty, mitral, mixed, mizzen,

MO: mobile, mock, modal, model, moderate, moderato, modern, modest, modish, modular, moist, molar, molecular, moll, molluscoid, molten, molybdenous, molybdic, molybdous, momentary, momentous, monachal, monacid, monandrous, monanthous, monarch, monarchal, monaxial, monetary, mongoloid, mongrel, monied, moniliform, monitorial, monitory, monkish, monobasic, monochromatic, monoclinous, monocular, monogamous, monogenetic, monogenic, monoicous, monolithic, monomerous, monometallic, monomial, monopetalous, monophonic, monophyletic, monosepalous, monosyllabic, monotonous, monovalent, monster, monstrous, monthly, monumental, moody, moon-faced, mooned, moonlit, moonshine, moonstruck, moony, moot, moral, morbid, mordacious, mordant, morganatic, moribund, morning, morose, mortal, mortuary, mosaic, moss-grown, mossy, mother, motherless, motherly, mothy, motile, motionless, motive, motley, motoring, mottled, mountain, mountainous, mournful, mourning, mousy, movable, moving,

MU: much, mucilaginous, muck, mucky, mucoid, mucous, muddy, muggy, mulish, multicellular, multicolor, multifarious, multifid, multiflorous, multifoil, multifold, multiform, multilateral, multinuclear, multiparous, multipartite, multiped, multiphase, multiple, multiplex, multiplicate, multitudinous, multivalent, multivocal, mum, mundane, municipal, munificent, mural, murderous, muriatic, murine, murk, murky, murmurous, murrain, murrhine, musaceous, muscatel, muscovado, muscular, mushroom, mushy, musical, musky, musteline, musty, mutable, mute, mutilate, mutinous, mutual, muzzy,

MY: my, mydriatic, myeloid, mylohyoid, myopic, myriad, myrtaceous, mysterious, mythopoeic.

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